Thursday, March 01, 2018 at 8:00 pm
ALPHAVILLE., Brooklyn, NY - View Map
The Harlem Gospel Travelers debut single will be released on Colemine Records on Friday, March 2nd! Come celebrate this momentous occasion with us on Thursday, March 1st at ALPHAVILLE. It'll also be one of the only places you'll be able to buy the 45 because the pre-order is already sold out! We'll be joined by an incredible up and coming artist from New Orleans Sabine McCalla as well as Drew Redmond spinning Gospel 45s. More about all the artists below:

Harlem Gospel Travelers:

In 2006, famed New York radio personality Vy Higginsen started a free program out of her Harlem brownstone dedicated to teaching African-American teenagers the art and the history of Gospel music. She called it Gospel For Teens and it quickly became a magnet for high school kids from around the tri-state area. A few years later, recording artist Eli “Paperboy” Reed ended up at Gospel For Teens, too, but from an entirely different starting point. A Soul singer and songwriter, but a lover of Gospel music, he was looking to find out if there was a way he might help nurture the tradition of Black Gospel Quartet music which he loved so much. Together, Reed and Higginsen hatched a plan: To take the best of the young men that were already part of the program’s highest level choir and start a class just for them, teaching them the sound of The Gospel Quartet.

With Reed as teacher, the class is still going strong five years later and out of it has emerged a living, breathing, singing quartet, The Harlem Gospel Travelers. So named because in order to get to their Fridayevening rehearsals in Harlem they traveled from far-flung corners of the five boroughs and beyond, The Harlem Gospel Travelers have now all graduated from Gospel For Teens and are ready to take the world by storm.

Brimming with confidence on their first-ever recordings, set for release March 2nd on Colemine Records, they certainly don’t sound like students anymore. The two songs were both written by longtime group member Thomas Gatling and feature him on lead on vocals the b-side, “Wash Me, Lord” which could easily be a lost Soul Stirrers recording. The A-side, the pounding gospel-for-the-dancefloor, “He’s On Time” features lead George Marage floating his ethereal falsetto over the top of the burning groove.

Produced by Reed and backed by his guitar along with Jake Leckie on bass and drums by Aaron Frazer of Durand Jones & The Indications and The Flying Stars of Brooklyn, both songs were cut in one afternoon live to 1/2’’ analog tape at Stockholm Syndrome Sound Studios in Brooklyn, NY. The results speak for themselves. These young men are no revivalists, they grew up with this music and are now ready to share it with the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for the Gospel Soul of the Harlem Gospel Travelers!

Sabine McCalla:
Sabine McCalla is an up and coming Haitian-American folk singer. She recently released her first E.P. “folk” through Mashed Potato Records in New Orleans based on her own life experiences of poverty, fear, and love. Born in Queens, raised in New Jersey, she’s traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and West Africa. Throughout her life she’s learned folk music, ballads, r&b, and gospel. Sabine McCalla’s beautiful vocal stylings and haunting story telling put the listener in the scene; whether through divine connection with heaven or a mist covered levee, one can’t help be enthralled.